• Hey, so I've read the message that you left on my message board and I wanted to ask: what's wrong with these images compared to the originals?
    Marx Allies
    KTD Taranza artwork
    KSSU Marx artwork
    KSA Meta Knight
    KSA King Dedede
    Normal ribbon
    KC Chef Kawasaki artwork
    KSA Magolor artwork
    KSA Taranza artwork transparent
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    • These images that you added were smaller than their original counterparts, therefore they are not improvements, and are not needed.

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    • But the outlines are much smoother, shouldn't it be enough of a reason to replace them? Also the Super Star Ultra artwork of Marx is just the exact same size, just the green hexagon isn't chipped off, and the Magolor artwork is literally the spirit of Ultimate, so it should automatically be better. Also I don't see any differences with the Star Allies artworks, except again for the outlines.

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