• Hi Wendy, I just read through the policies of the wiki after I got blocked, and there is a rule on that page that says "lyrics to songs of Sesame Street, Muppet Show, etc." cannot be allowed and I found this, 

    • "Posting the full lyrics to a song isn't allowed on the wiki; it's considered a violation of the songwriter's copyright, and that's a violation that is enforced more often than images or other potential violations. It's okay to quote selected lines from a song within the context of a larger article about that song, the songwriter, or the character." And although I'm a blocked user on there, I sure wish I could help with the lyrics to the songs. Why can't we add lyrics? Would the user who did that get a copyright fine or considered an infringement? 
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    • Muppet Wiki has a number of policies about what sort of content is acceptable to post on it. People can't post song lyrics there because the community agreed not to do so.

      As for what would happen legally to somebody who posted them, I have no idea. I'm not a lawyer.

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