• Hey all! Recently I made an accidental oopsie in my css that turned my profile tab green on my User Profile page. But like, lowkey, I actually like it, and I'm really thinking about incorporating it as a permanent change for ALL users on the Wiki. Key phrase here: All users. Is there a way to edit it so ALL users have a permanently green tab when they come to a wiki, or is it exclusively if you edit it for a specific user on the wiki. Thanks!

    (PS: For reference, here is a screenshot of my little oopsie. My dream is
    Screenshot 2019-10-09 at 6.04.23 PM

    my oopsie

     to make all of the tabs [Message Wall, Blog, etc..] the same color!)
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    • Please give a link to the CSS... we aren't psychic.

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    • Fandyllic wrote:
      Please give a link to the CSS... we aren't psychic.

      ok.... very warm comment

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    • Anyway, here's the code that's been creating my little oopsie 

      a[href="/wiki/User:KaiTheDoof"] {color:#299c54 !important; font-weight: bold !important; font-family: rubik}
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    • Well, it works for me (on my user profile tab, except rubik font). So, if you don't want to give a link to where the CSS is... I can't help you anymore. Good luck.

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    • Sorry, I misunderstood you. I'll give you the link. Fandyllic, the purpose of this thread was not to see IF the code works, it was to see if there was a way to make that change a wiki-wide thing across ALL user pages. 

      Here's the link.

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    • Ahh, I missed the all users part... try this:

      li[data-id="profile"] > a[href^="/wiki/User:"] {
          color:#299c54; font-weight: bold; font-family: rubik;
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    • A FANDOM user
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