• How can I list my Etsy shop as a "Source/Vendor" in the pattern Wiki Fandom? Thanks for any help.

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    • This is not the right place for this question.  Head over to the wiki and ask it there.

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    • To note, Community Central is the right place to ask, since Springalto2 is asking for help with Fandom's features to fix a problem on another wiki.

      Since Tarna is part of the wiki in question, though, it would be better if Springalto2 negotiates with the people there on the best decision to be made. Community Central may be the right place, but if other community members are locally available, they are a better person to ask.

      I see that the Etsy shop has already been linked as a vendor, so the problem may be resolved. All the best!

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    • A FANDOM user
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