• So I have a short list of 200 characters on my home page (The Dark Series Wiki) and I am wondering if there is a way to make the more button at the bottom of the list go to the second page automatically when I add ne characters, rather than having it go straight to the first page of the category. It just bothers me that I can't get it to go to page 2 and have to direct people, but I don't want to put a full 500+ list on the main page, you know?

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    • You should not have a list of 200 characters on your home page. Make a portrait gallery with 5-10 big players. See User blog:FishTank/Main Pages for Fandom for some tips.

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    • I can't do a gallery as the wiki is based on books. Is there a code to put on the category tree code that only shows a limited number of characters? Say, instead of 200, the first 50 characters on the character list?

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