• Hello. Is there something we can help with regarding this event, or are you just letting us know?

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    • Acually its both.

      Recently, some disscusions on wikis have been advertized for a "hidden name meaning." by a user by Evelyngray0. It says this: Wow this is Awesome! Click here to find out your hidden name meaning :D

      I think link goes to facebook or I think it does. It just has the word facebook at the end of the link. To find out, just higlit the phrase and right click. Then click "Serch with google". You might notice that the user has been blocked. I tried looking at the block history. Nothing is there about Evelyngray0.

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    • That's not advertisements, that's spam. Ask admins/mods to delete it, or call in VSTF. They've done ads in Discussions - those are just post-sized messages in between threads, much like Reddit's promoted content. Haven't seen any in a while.

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    • Ok I'll let them know right away.

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    • A FANDOM user
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