• I know that after 200 pages, a category tree just stops, and that's fine if it appears on the home page of the wiki, but I have a couple pages that I can't have that happen on (Carpathians and Vamprires) and they could get pass that 200 mark. Is there a way to have a category tree show all pages that have that category on it? If not, is there a way to have a category tree that allows only characters from the second/third/etc. to appear in it rather than just the first page? If I can do that at least, I can stack category trees.

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    • If you present a list of 200+ pages on a page, you might as well link to the gallery.

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    • I don't understand what you mean by link to the gallery. Can you explain it to me?

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    • It’s completely normal if you don’t understand. I meant to say category, but I was not awake yet.

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    • Oh. I see. I was hoping for a bit of code or something to make it so that there is a list on the page itself that I wouldn't have to keep updating after a certain point. That way, I wouldn't have to link to the category.

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