• I just took over a wiki here so I'm having to change a lot of stuff and update the format of a lot of stuff, and I don't know squat about how. I'm having a very, very, very difficult time finding out how to specificaclly do several things. Whenever I find an answer, it doesn't apply to my situation, it's in the wrong markup, etc. Given how easy it is to do something incorrectly, I'm going to post the entire thing to make sure that I get EXACTLY the right answer.

    I want to do the following: 1-add a thick border to the entire infobox and thin borders around each row 2-change the background colors of the infobox, headers, and other cells,different colors each 3-If there is no info under any row under any given header, I want the header to automatically disappear as well as the row. In the code below I had to remove a few symbols to make all this visible for some reason. I don't even know how to post a question correctly. Ugh. Thanks!

        <title source="name"><default>Support Requests - Getting Technical/@comment-43852372-20191004230139</default></title>
        <data source="sprite"><label>sprite</label></data>
        <data source="level"><label>Level</label></data>
        <data source="hp"><label>Hit Points</label></data>
        <data source="strength"><label>Strength</label></data>
        <data source="toughness"><label>Toughness</label></data>
        <data source="speed"><label>Speed</label></data>
        <data source="intelligence"><label>Intelligence</label></data>
        <data source="gems"><label>Gems Drop</label></data>
        <data source="drop"><label>Items Drop</label></data>
        <data source="nickname"><label>Nickname</label></data>
        <data source="variant"><label>Variant</label></data>
        <data source="skills"><label>Skills</label></data>
        <data source="nameable"><label>Nameable</label></data>
        <data source="gender"><label>Gender</label></data>
        <data source="age"><label>Age</label></data>
        <data source="species"><label>Species</label></data>
        <data source="breed"><label>Breed</label></data>
        <data source="codex"><label>Codex</label></data>
        <data source="father"><label>Father</label></data>
        <data source="mother"><label>Mother</label></data>
        <data source="family"><label>Family</label></data>
        <data source="height"><label>Height</label></data>
        <data source="build"><label>Build</label></data>
        <data source="face"><label>Face</label></data>
        <data source="lips"><label>Lips</label></data>
        <data source="teeth"><label>Teeth</label></data>
        <data source="tongue"><label>Tongue</label></data>
        <data source="eyes"><label>Eyes</label></data>
        <data source="ears"><label>Ears</label></data>
        <data source="torso"><label>Torso</label></data>
        <data source="taur"><label>Taur?</label></data>
        <data source="arms"><label>Arms</label></data>
        <data source="hands"><label>Hands</label></data>
        <data source="legs"><label>Legs</label></data>
        <data source="feet"><label>Feet</label></data>
        <data source="skin"><label>Skin</label></data>
        <data source="hair"><label>Hair</label></data>
        <data source="facehair"><label>Facial Hair</label></data>
        <data source="fur"><label>Fur</label></data>
        <data source="feathers"><label>Feathers</label></data>
        <data source="scales"><label>Scales</label></data>
        <data source="horns"><label>Horns</label></data>
        <data source="antennae"><label>Antennae</label></data>
        <data source="wings"><label>Wings</label></data>
        <data source="fin"><label>Fin</label></data>
        <data source="abdomen"><label>Abdomen</label></data>
        <data source="tail"><label>Tail</label></data>
        <data source="tusks"><label>Tusks</label></data>
        <data source="clothing"><label>Clothing</label></data>
        <data source="jewelry"><label>Jewelry</label></data>
        <data source="piercings"><label>Piercings</label></data>
        <data source="tattoo"><label>Tattoo</label></data>
        <data source="glasses"><label>Glasses</label></data>
        <data source="weapon"><label>Weapon</label></data>
        <data source="armor"><label>Armor</label></data>
        <data source="occupation"><label>Occupation</label></data>
        <data source="quest"><label>Quest(s)</label></data>
        <data source="appears"><label>Location(s)</label></data>
        <data source="home"><label>Home</label></data>
        <data source="badend"><label>Bad End]]</label></data>
        <data source="interaction"><label>Interaction</label></data>
    == Usage & preview ==
    Type in this:
    | level=
    | hp=
    | strength=
    | toughness=
    | speed=
    | intelligence=
    | gems=
    | drop=
    | variant=
    | nickname=
    | skills=
    | nameable=
    | gender=
    | age=
    | codex=
    | species=
    | breed=Shepard
    | person=
    | origin= 
    | offworld= 
    | father=
    | mother=
    | family=
    | height=
    | build=
    | lips=
    | teeth=
    | eyes=
    | ears=
    | torso=
    | taur=
    | arms=
    | hands=
    | legs=
    | feet=
    | skin=
    | hair=
    | fur=
    | feathers=
    | scales=
    | horns=
    | wings=
    | fin=
    | abdomen=
    | tail=
    | clothing=
    | jewelry=
    | pierced=
    | tattoo=
    | glasses=
    | weapon=
    | armor=
    | home=
    | occupation=
    | quest=
    | appears=
    | badend=
    | interaction=
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    • So, you might get some help here, but I usually skip the portable infobox questions and defer to someone more knowledgeable. Another place you can ask for help with these kind of things is Help, Questions and Answers board on the Portability wiki. Unfortunately, it looks like not many helpers there have been checking the boards, so you might not get a response right away. I pinged a FANDOM staff/admin there, so that might help.

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    • Hmm. I'll post something there, but I suppose if I don't get my answer I should contact Fandom directly? Either way, much appreciated. I just hope that figuring things like this out won't always be so difficult.

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    • Introduction

      Help page → Help:Infoboxes/CSS#Main_classes
      There are 2 types of infobox theme - standard and europa - which dictates correct coding in MediaWiki:Wikia.css. As your wiki theme is using europa, each MediaWiki:Wikia.css item starts with .pi-europa

      To link MediaWiki:Wikia.css to the infobox, the infobox needs a theme. As your infobox is named NPC I have used theme="npc" which is added to the first line of the infobox

      <infobox theme="npc" >

      add a thick border to the entire infobox

      ".pi-europa.pi-theme-npc" is a single word with no gaps

      .pi-europa.pi-theme-npc { 
        border: 2px solid #ccc; 
      add a thin borders around each row
      .pi-europa.pi-theme-npc .pi-data { 
        border: 1px solid #ccc; 
      change the background colors of the infobox

      this is the data rows

      .pi-europa.pi-theme-npc .pi-data {  
        background-color: #eee;
      change the background colors of headers

      comma after title

      .pi-europa.pi-theme-npc .pi-title,
      .pi-europa.pi-theme-npc .pi-header { 
        background-color: #006cb0;
      the header to automatically disappear with no info

      use <group>

          <data source="gems"><label>Gems Drop</label></data>
          <data source="drop"><label>Items Drop</label></data>

      Example of above → w:c:communitytest:Template:NPC

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    • I just can't get it to work. Where exactly do you put the code for the borders and backgrounds? After what and before what? And does anything have to be entered before and after (EG <, {, |) ? Maybe I didn't create the media.css page correctly. There wasn't one, so added a page and pasted the following.

      .pi-europa.pi-theme-npc { 
        border: 2px solid #00ffff; 
      .pi-europa.pi-theme-npc .pi-data { 
        border: 1px solid #ccc; 
      .pi-europa.pi-theme-npc .pi-title,
      .pi-europa.pi-theme-npc .pi-header { 
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    • Nevermind. I just created an infobox from scratch to see if there were any differences, and there were major differences. The migration clearly did not workout as it should have. I'm scrapping this entire infobox and creating a new one.

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    • Ahh, too bad. Unfortunately, at a certain level of complexity, the migration tool is mostly worthless. With enough understanding, you can fix the problems, but sometimes it just isn't worth it.

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    • I'm mad as heck and I'm not gonna take it anymore! JK, bring it, Fandom.

      Still cant stylize an infobox in any way, even with a brand new one. If somebody could simply put up ALL of the source code for ANY stylized infobox, so that I can see the syntax I need to use and where I need to use it relative to the other wikitext, I would be soooooooo happy. If necessary, please put also put up ALL of the code entered into Media:JSS.

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    • So, FYI for testing CSS on an infobox, it is best to use personal CSS at Special:MyPage/wikia.css (I'd give you a direct link, but you still haven't mentioned which wiki this is for). Once you have the CSS working, you can delete it from your personal CSS page and put it in the wiki-wide page (MediaWiki:Wikia.css).

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    • Sorry it took so long for a response. The wiki I adopted is at, and it covers Corruption of Champions: Unofficial Expanded Edition. Heads up, it's a (surprisingly good) text-based adult game. There are no graphic visuals, but I'd still call it NSFW, what with the fact that it reads like it was put together by Quentin Tarintino's sex-crazed brother.

      Now on to your advice: I'm clueless. This is where I was stuck before I decided to give up on using the migration tool to move the old content into infoboxes. I think I get the basic idea; you put formatting code onto a page that you must create called Special:MyPage/wikia.css. After that, I start to get confused.

      Will the formating populate through the website automatically, or do I have to put a sort of trigger code on each page that I want to format? If it's the latter, that's what I kept trying to do and my best guess is that I wasn't inserting the code into the right place. If so, can you tell me exactly where to put it? I can post an example page if needed, but it's just your standard infobox setup using that weird green editor that Fandom automatically sends you to when you try to edit an infobox.

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    • It is nearly impossible to instruct an inexperienced person on exactly what to do unless they give very good mockups of what they want.

      Also to have gotten this far with you never giving a link to the actual stuff you're working on is extra double annoying.

      So, until you give actual links to at least the infobox you're working on, my help is on pause.

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    • Fandyllic wrote: It is nearly impossible to instruct an inexperienced person on exactly what to do unless they give very good mockups of what they want.


      Even with "experienced" users, I still have to sometimes hold their hand when they want to "make that thing bigger" or something like that. Heck, even my hand needs to be held every now and then; just ask Fngplg.

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    • Thanks Andrewds1021!

      Here's the infobox [Template:NPC]. Again, here's the site . It covers Corruption of Champions: Unofficial Expanded Edition. FYI - It's a text based game so there are no pics or vids, but the content is still extremely NSFW.

      If anybody can point the way to formatting an infobox, that would be great. For now, I've got my hands full with cleaning up this abandoned wiki, so there's plenty to do in the mean time.

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    • To format the infobox, you will either need to tell us precisely what you want it to look like or learn how to use CSS yourself. The classes you need to know about for infoboxes are listed in the help page section TableWiz linked to. For learning CSS, I would suggest w3schools.

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    • Andrewds1021 wrote:
      To format the infobox, you will either need to tell us precisely what you want it to look like or learn how to use CSS yourself. The classes you need to know about for infoboxes are listed in the help page section TableWiz linked to. For learning CSS, I would suggest w3schools.

      Yeah, that's bascially what I resigned myself to. Even if you guys gave me the exact code I needed, I would inevitably get stuck again without the ability to know what I'm looking at. But familiarity with CSS can be very useful, even profitable, so this isn't a bad thing.

      Thanks again!

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    • A FANDOM user
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