• Here are the release notes for Fandom's code release scheduled for October 7, 2019:

    • NOTABLE: We recently released an Android Fandom app update, adding bookmarks and expanding search to cover all wikis! See Apps Technical Updates for more details.
    • NOTABLE: We recently removed all iOS versions of Community Apps from the App Store, as they are not compatible with iOS 13. Less-used Android apps will also be removed in the coming weeks. We strongly recommend switching to the above-mentioned Fandom app in the meantime!
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    • Removing the Community Apps from iOS store is fine, but FANDOM needs a clear process to get a wiki in the FADNOM app... it seem like an arbitrary process right now.

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    • If you want your wiki on an app, the first step would be to contact staff so they may look into it.

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    • Glad that the standalone apps are finally being removed. So many users would download them and then be unable to see polls and such; very inconvenient!

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    • A FANDOM user
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