• Apologies if this isn't the right place to ask this; I wasn't sure whether to ask here due to it being related to admin controls or Getting Technical due to the specifics.

    I've recently been planning an operation which involves reviewing (and if necessary, editing/deleting) a considerable number of comments, and I've been considering various approaches and options. However, there were a few specifics concerning one of the more drastic options (one which I don't think I'll have to use but am checking just in case) which I wasn't sure about and had a bit of trouble verifying, so I thought I should ask here to be sure.

    My question is this - if comments are disabled on Wiki Features (i.e. to temporarily stop new comments being made), does this delete all existing comments on articles, store/conceal them, or keep them present and visible to all? Also, if it is the second one, are they concealed to all users (such that admins etc cannot see/edit them) or just normal users?

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    • Disabling comments on WikiFeatures removes the comment section from all articles. The comments aren't deleted and remain among regular talk pages in the "Talk:" namespace. However, there are some edit protections, iirc.

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    • Even without disabling comments, you cannot directly edit the comment pages. The reason is that the naming system used produces names that users (even admins) are not allowed to create/edit.

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