• I don't know if I got it right but I am working on the assumption that the User Blog entries are Using Parsoid-HTML  while the Articles are in "pure" wikitext ...  This causes some issue for Tables since the "wikitable" Class seems unrecognized by Parsoid thus  copy/paste between an Article and a Blog Entry in order to propose a modification to a table in not working ...  The display is different,  columns are no longer sortable, the graphics border are lost ..

    So my Question is: Is there a way to "import" the "wikitable" Class in the source code of my Blog Entries !?!   Or is there a switch / command to prevent Parsoid to modify the visual aspect of the Table !?!

    See the difference between my Sandbox and the Blog Entry I generate with a copy/paste :
    Blog Entry: 
    Sandbox Article:

    Thanks for any help / info ppl can shoot my way :) 

    P.S. I'm new to "wikitext" but I have few decades of IT under the belt so don't worry about being too technical, I'll research the replies (;^) 

    PPS f u cn rd ths u 2 cn b a Unx pgmr , yep ! I'm THAT old ...

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    • if you new to wikitext, then read Help:Wikitext and Help:Tables. table in the sandbox is properly formed table; table in the "view..." is not.

      if you want to copy complex syntax, like tables, galleries etc, use Source edit mode.

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    • Fngplg wrote:
      if you new to wikitext, then read Help:Wikitext and Help:Tables./.../ 

      That's one of most polite RTFM , I've read in a while  (;^) ...but as you did see, I have no problem creating of managing the table in "wikitext" ...  And I *DID* try pasting from Source to Source :IT DIDN'T WORK but  IT DOES INDEED  work ...  My BAD I must have missed the opening curly brace or something ... In the days, we called it a Code12, when the source of the Error is sitting at 12 inches in front of the screen ...

      THANKS Problem solved ... But the "Parsoid" Source is much harder  to grasp than the "wikitext" ...  I will make sure to use the Source to Source copy paste for anything other than simple text from now on ..

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    • You may have well figured this all out by now, but I am not sure what you are talking about when you refer to Parsoid-HTML. The blogs are also part of the MediaWiki platform and use wikitext just like articles do.

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    • mw:Parsoid. visual editor uses data-parsoid attributes to make his work. so when you do copy html from ve, you will see these attributes. sure, they are not intended to use in the wikitext - it is totally technical part of ve.

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