• So there's a Conversation... here. The actual story is on the main page. Here's what I wrote (with some modification).

    1. Fashion Tips: Hina approaches the player that she was just talking to Chloe in front of the mansion about fashion. Chloe is getting some advice to dress like a grown-up, and they could benefit. Hina tells that's not right... This has nothing to do with eating or sleeping. What she said was to wear a tighter clothing to look awesome! Chloe wonders if her stomach would really allow that? Hina says it's OK if she thinks she look kinda strange initially, and asks to hold to up her chest and that will spice up her outfit almost instantly. Remember that the absolutely most important part is to love one self! Chloe says that she will love herself by eating my favorite ice cream and wearing baggy clothes! Chloe feel like she's growing more mature by the minute... Ah... Is it OK if the ice cream is just plain vanilla?

    Did Hina mention anything about ice cream? She guesses it's not a big deal...

    2. Magic Lesson: Zeno tells Christoph the secret to being so creative. Christoph asks if the child wants to be a magician. He sure came to the right guy for lessons! Zeno is ready and Christoph will teach him to be a touch magician. First, stick out your chest. Puff yourself up a real big, and walk around like you own the place! It looks like Zeno own the place. Then, Christoph asks him to let out a big, strong belly laugh. Abracadabra! Zeno imitates him. Christoph didn't think Zeno had it in him.

    I already posted on this user's message wall but they won't respond for a long time since I posted my reply here.

    I request if anyone can rewrite the story to be more correct. It's hard for me.

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    • Is this really a transcript? Usually you don't rewrite transcripts. They are supposed to be just the written down version of stuff that is said...

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    • A FANDOM user
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