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    12:10, October 9, 2019

    hes going on every wiki saying DORITOBOY IS UNDER AGE HERES PROOF BAN HIM DUHHHH IM SO FIXATED ON RUINING HIS LIFE... i really would block him if i was an admin trust me bro hes so annoying please tell him to be quiet

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    • Hey mate, this is no reason to block anyone. Ignore the person in question. Also,contact an admin if their behavior is questionable. I cannot do anything about this. I don't have any rights on wikis which have active admins.

      You may want to report the issue to staffs via Special:Contact, if you have legilimate reasons for the user to be blocked globally (if that's what you want to say).

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    • they are planning to get his account disabled all over fandom

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    • I guess, then, we can't do anything. They are underage and if they have themselves accepted this somewhere then their account would be disabled, atleast that's the rule.

      Also, staffs would accept only self confessed age comment as evidence. They won't disable an account just because others think the said user is an underage.

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