• Hey, I've been waiting for a while now and for what I know you didn't unblock me

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    • Apologies for the late response; I’ve been busy almost all day, and haven’t had the time to get back to you. Anyway; here are some of the changes that you need to abide by if you want to return as a regular editor:

      1. Use your talk page. This and summaries on Recent Wiki Activity serve as the main forms of communication (there’s also a Discord server, but not everyone has that). You can get emails when someone has edited your talk page, but if you don’t, check Recent Wiki Activity or the page itself to determine this otherwise.
      2. Do not upscale an existing image and deem it higher quality because it’s bigger; all that changed was making bigger pixels.
      3. Do not post an image on just about any page it can be put in; this is rather excessive. As an example, the Twitter image for Super Kirby Clash was put on Parallel Nightmare’s page, as well as Super Kirby Clash’s page, because these are the places where the image is most relevant; when you came back, you put the image on various different other pages, such as Beam, Doctor, and the various colored Kirbys. While these aren’t inherently wrong, they are generally unnecessary (unless it means uncommon, usually enemy, characters get in the spotlight).
      4. Unless the need for a page is fairly obvious due to high demand or red links, do not just spontaneously make a page, especially one that lacks information.
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