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    12:11, October 9, 2019

    Hi, I saw you comment on galaxie-delta's post about me on Sannse's wall. The group of users that she has stated is against me are part of a group that has confessed to meat puppeting on the wiki in question. They keep trying to get me removed as admin because of this. Can I really get removed when they admit to meat puppeting and were banned for this reason?

    I've tried to contact them and be reasonable, all I want is an apology for trying to intimidate me into removing a block and for meat puppeting so I know it won't happen again.

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    • Hey there, it's hard chance staffs might consider remove an admin from a wiki. They won't involve themselves into this as the admin has all the privilege to block a user or take any step for improvement of their wiki.

      I just directed the said user to the right place as they were spamming user's walls here. Hopefully, that way, the user might get an immediate(can't guarantee) response from staffs who might look into the matter and guide the said user.

      You need not have to worry if you have things to backup his claims about you. Cheers!

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