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    16:55, September 28, 2019

    from dorito boy: if you know about my age why didnt you block me like all the othersĀ :(

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    • Well, it's because I need to give evidence to staffs that you are underage which is basically any comment where you said that you are an underage. Well, I am not keen on scrolling through your posts just to have your account disabled. Plus, there are communities who don't mind underage users if they are sensible enough not to announce it publically and violate ToU. And do you want me to disable your account? If so, give me evidence and I will. Enjoy on the rest of the communities, dear. And I don't know your age, I just saw the block reason on one of your wikia which stated you are underage which meant you might have said so there. If the admin want, they can have your account permanently disable by producing enough evidence to staffs. Hope this helps!

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    • i wanna stay...

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    • Good decision! Enjoy!

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