• The wiki I'm working on has a bunch of pages for gear cards from the board game Kingdom Death: Monster. Many gear cards have affinity squares on their top, bottom, left, or right edges, and those affinity squares can be blue, green, or red. I'm working on categorizing them here. These gear cards are meant to interact with matching colored squares in a grid, so I'd like to be able to set it up so that users can search for specific combinations (like Up Red, Left Blue). I'm not sure how best to do that without either making one very messy page or a bunch of messy categories.

    I have the DPL feature turned on, so that's an option, but I'm still not sure how to best organize a page for that granularity of information. Should I just have a single page with a bunch of expandable categories, representing every possible combination? Is there a way to make an interactive page that provides that information? Any other suggestions? How can I best give that information to users in a way that is convenient to find?

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    • Here is what I would do (based on my understanding of your situation):

      1. Create 12 categories ("top red", "top blue", "top green", "right red", ...)
      2. Create a page for each combination
        You could shorten the names by using a fixed format such as "top right bottom left" so, for example, cards with red at the top, blue at the left and right, and green at the bottom would be listed on "red blue green blue".
      3. Create the list for each page using DPL
      4. Create a central page with a table listed all of the list pages
        • This could be done using DPL as well if you add a category to the list pages
        • You can either explain the naming convention or use DPL's format parameter to insert the top, bottom, left, right labels into the text.
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