• Some time ago, I found a wiki for a Korean animated series called Shining Star ( And it's outdated. I started editing there, but I wanted more people to contibute.

    Do you know Amino? It's a community where fans can gather to talk about the media (games, anime, music) they love. Apart from creating an account, how could I tell them about the wiki? I don't want to sound rude or force them to do anything.

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    • Hello. I wouldn't know too much about the Amino community or their culture, but I would make a discussion prompt like "would it be nice to have a Shining Star site that can inform us of things from the series?" If the discussion supports a site like that or the Amino community doesn't offer this type of information, then you can tell them about contributing to the wiki with their knowledge.

      Make sure that you follow the guidelines set in the Amino community and website in case some of these steps require intervention at some stage. If the Amino community can't come around, there is always boosting your search result presence.

      Hope this helps!

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    • Based on the descriptions I am finding online, it sounds like a direct competitor to wiki farms. In fact, they even have "wiki entries". I am not sure how successfult you will be in getting members to join a new site here on FANDOM. Nonethless, you are more than welcome to try. I am sure Wikia would be more than happy to take ome of Amino's traffic.

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