• I was just wondering how to delete tags? I have some anoying tags I didn't mean to create.

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    • Tags on forum posts, on Discussion posts, or on content pages (aka categories)?

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    • I was thinking the tags on wiki pages. Is that what you are talking about?

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    • Help:Category has a section on how to remove them.

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    • How do I remove a page from a catagory, then?

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    • You go to the page. EDIT. On the right rail should be a module "Categories". Find the Cat in the list and delete it (trashcan icon).

      IF you don't see that module and you are using Source Editor, look to the main editing pane for a series of lines which look like [[Category:Cat to have page removed from]] and delete the line.

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    • To expand on Love Robin's response, the method depends on how you are editing the page.

      1. Using VisualEditor
        In the upper right of the editing window next to the cancel button, you should see a button that has 3 horixontal bars next to a triangle. Click this to open the drop-down menu. Click "Categories" to open the category window. Find the category you want to remove and click it to open the editing window for that category. In the upper right of that categories editing window, there should be a trashcan icon. Click that icon.
      2. Using classic editor (both source and visual mode)
        As Love Robin said, there should be some editing panes on the side of the editing window. If you don't see them, they may be collapsed. If so, look for a small triangle icon on the side of the editing window and click it to expand them. Then scroll down to the categories section and expand it if needed. Remove categories by hovering over them and clicking the trashcan icon.
      3. Using source editor (i.e. classic editor's source mode or VisualEditor's source mode)
        As Love Robin said, look for [[Category:MyCategory]] where "MyCategory" is the category you want to remove. Delete it.
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