• The person you send the request to is going to review the situation before deciding whether or not to go ahead with the global block. As such, there are two main avenues. If you think the user should be globally blocked because they have, across multiple wikis, either posted spam or committed vandalism, then you should report them to VSTF. The VSTF will handle reverting the vandalism/removing the spam and will issue a global block if necessary. If you think the user should be globally blocked because they are violating Wikia's terms of use, contact staff. If your concern is due to the user making threatening comments to one or a few specific users, you could consider using this form to contact staff instead of the one I previously linked to. If your issue does not fall into one of the previously mentioned cases, you can still contact either VSTF or staff. However, the cases I listed are the most common ones which merit their action. Most other issues are left for the local admins to deal with; and they can't issue global blocks.

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