• This is more of a "philosophical" question:

    We have a lot of pages that describe a 'Skill', these are under the Template namespace.

    Now, since they are mostly there to avoid content repeat (some skills are included in many other pages), and not really to have different content formatted in the same fashion, one could argue that they should be moved to the "main" namespace, and transcluded using {{:Skill/Avoidance_Expert}} instead.

    Is there "best practice" to this? Are they just fine in the Template namespace?


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    • There is no global best practice for this. Your wiki can move them into the main namespace if it wishes or it can leave them in the template namespace if that is what is preferred. There are certainly types of templates that essentially copy-past content such as navboxes, hatnotes, etc.; so these skill templates could be considered similar to those. What I would consider main tradeoff between the namespaces is this: having the skill pages available as regular content pages versus being able to use the "regular" transclusion syntax.

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