• TotallyLogical
    TotallyLogical closed this thread because:
    20:13, September 22, 2019

    Please read my reply to you on the thread you closed. You never responded because of the rude interruptions from other users.

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    • Here it is again:

      I didn’t speak up because I believe in second chances. And I hoped. I hoped that Tye’s break would’ve given him some time to cool off and mature a bit.

      I think that I did demote him as well, before. Either that or he demoted himself before I could, because I spoke up when he would block innocent users.

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    • Would you leave Logical the hell alone? Nobody enjoys talking to you. Nobody wants to talk to you. Nobody on fandom cares about you, get it through your head and leave everyone alone.

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    • Would you not interrupt?

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    • TotallyLogical
      TotallyLogical removed this reply because:
      17:24, September 28, 2019
      This reply has been removed
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