• Hello.

    I've just noticed that on this page in the Skylanders wiki: Grim Creeper , one of the two images shown in the characterbox does not match up with all the other ones for the other characters.

    Here's what I mean: Wham-Shell - Lightcore Wham-Shell Notice how they both roughly have the same background.

    And here's the case I'm looking to changing: Grim Creeper  - Lightcore Grim Creeper You can see that the "Lightcore" art of the character looks as though it's been pulled from a random website with no thought for consistancy when compared to the regular art.

    Now I've done a bit of editing using the art of the "Legendary Grim Creeper" and pasting a transparent render of the "Lightcore" artwork over it and have come out with this: Lightcore Grim Creeper (Edited)

    I'm wanting to replace the original "Lightcore" image presented in the characterbox with my edited one to keep the style consistant with the other character artworks. However I can't seem to get the method of doing so, plus I don't want to accidently delete both the existing images.

    Can anyone help me out?

    Note: I've already added my image to the page's Gallery (LC section) for convenience.

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    • Uploading new versions requires content mod or admin rights.

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    • Are you sure? The file page is still giving me the option to replace the current version with a new one. For obvious reasons, I didn't actually submit it. However, I was able to get all the way to the point where it asks me for the new file. Also, on the wiki I admin, users have definitely replaced (some generic names like "Image.png") each others' images even though they neither are nor were mod/admin.

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    • Hmm. Must be just my wikis, then. Perhaps this wiki has it too?

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    • Yeah, I think your wikis have a special protection enabled or something.

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    • A FANDOM user
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