• Do you mind taking over this thread? I have a feeling something is getting lost in translation. Either that or there is a lot more to Viber than the easily accessible English pages are telling me.


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    • they had an answer on already, 3 and 4 weeks ago. it is pointless to add a channel in widget-like manner, because of specifics: all links leads to "download viber" page, but not to the channel itself. fully-functional integration would be against tou (smth about sending data to 3rd party). it is possible to create link to the channel (they have declined this option).

      i have no idea why they are bringing it up here. i'd rather not participate in the thread: i don't feel like to repeat myself at 3rd time.

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    • Okay then. Thanks for letting me know. I was, for obvious reasons, completely unaware they had already brought this up weeks ago on the Russian CC.

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    • A FANDOM user
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