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    I have recently been blocked on the Chrono Wiki for editing a page for readability and grammar. All I did was change some verb tenses and syntax, as they were incorrect. One of the admins blocked me for three months for "vandalism", even though I did not make any substantial additions or deletions, and did not say anything inappropriate. I've made similar changes on other pages on that same Wiki before, and on other Wikis as well, and it has never been considered as vandalism or even been rejected. I'm an admin at the Valkyrie Profile Wiki and a long-time contributor to several other Wikis, so I would never vandalise a page.

    This is what the block message says:

    You do not have permission to edit this page, for the following reasons:

    • This page has been protected to prevent editing.
    • Your user name or IP address has been blocked.The block was made by Eliskuya2.
      • Reason given: Vandalism
      • Start of block: 03:12, September 9, 2019
      • Expiry of block: 03:12, December 9, 2019
      • Intended blockee: Nilfalasiel
      • Block ID: #90
      • Current IP address:

    You can contact Eliskuya2 or another administrator to discuss the block. Please include all details in the above box in any queries you make.

    I can't message any of the admins on the Wiki regarding this issue because of the block, and I can't leave a post on their forums either. I would be more than happy to discuss the changes I made or to refrain from making any further changes. I just don't understand how what I did constitutes vandalism or why I'm not allowed to contact the admins at all.

    Is there anything I can do about this?

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    • Hey there, you can contact Eliskuya2 on their message wall on this wiki - Message Wall:Eliskuya2.

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    • Oh, thanks! I was unable to post on their Talk Page before, but it seems to be working now.

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    • When you say you tried their talk page, I assume you meant their talk page on Chronopedia? If so, then you still can't post there because you are blocked on that wiki. The reason you can post on their message wall here is because, well, it is a different wiki.

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    • Yeah, I didn't realise right away that I was actually posting on their wall on this Wiki rather than on Chronopedia. Makes more sense.

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