• I am trying to figure out how to add / create templates on the Kingdom Come: Deliverance wiki, but I can't find out how to do it or where to do it anywhere. One specific template I am trying to add or create is one that allows me to add Xbox and PlayStation controller button images within lines of text. e.g. "By pressing (an image of the triangle PS4 controller image seamlessly shown between words) you can pick up items."

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    • Are you going for something like this template (this will be easier to explain than the keys template)? If so, it's quite simple: go to Template:PS (that ps can be changed to any name) on your wiki and use a similar piece of code to the kg template:

      <includeonly>[[File:weight kg.png|20px|link=weight]]</includeonly><noinclude>[[Category:Icon templates]]

      You'd have to change the filename to the one you want and you should change the link to something related to the image. To insert the template (using the above example) type {{PS}} in an article. For more information on templates, see Help:Templates.

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