• I wanted to ask here first primarily because it is possible I just missed the announcement. So if there was one, please let me know. Otherwise, I might contact staff.

    I am not sure when it changed but has anyone else noticed a change in how interwiki links are handled? From what I can tell, they now have to start with an interwiki prefix. I know this sounds like a stupid statement but hold your criticism for just a few seconds. I am 100% certain that you used to be able to get away with writing them like this: [[c:transformers-legends]].

    On a closely related note, it seems how they are treated in the URL has also changed. Although the fullurl and canonicalurl parser functions do not appear to have changed behavior, the change in how URLs are treated has indirectly impacted their effective use. As far as I can tell, you can no longer use external interwiki prefixes in the URL. For example, doesn't work but it used to. Similar to the interwiki links, the URLs also only accept interwiki prefixes. This means that the URLs accept only interwiki prefixes to in-farm sites. For example, works. Similar to the links, no longer works.

    So how does this impact fullurl/canonicalurl? Well, you use to be able to do this: {{canonicalurl: w:c:transformers-legends}}. You could also skip the "w:" if you wanted. However, now, you have to do this: {{canonicalurl: w:w:c:transformers-legends}}.

    Result of first:

    Result of second:

    Another thing is that any query string now gets removed. I could swear URLs like the following used to work.

    Also, URLs using the communities own interwiki prefix seem to not work.


    as opposed to


    Side Question: I was also under the impression the "wp" was in the interwiki map for "" but now it isn't. Am I just misremembering on that one?

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    • We were having some trouble with it as well, but we found out that the wiki/ shouldn't be needed, and the links should work without it (including wp:). Noreplyz said he fixed the c: link, but I've pinged staff to have another look at the interwiki table. At least that concerned the interwiki link, not sure about the canonical url.

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    • Hi Andrewds1021,

      The main change that is making differences in behaviour is from the change and HTTPS changes - is no longer a wiki, and handles redirects differently now. A fair amount of redirect methods used as a starting point.

      The best documentation to look into interwiki links (via wikitext, not URL manipulation) is our Help:Improving help pages/linktest page, which takes into account help pages as well.

      As for your examples, I think it's best to go through each one (keeping in mind wikitext vs URL):

      Note that the following are URL links, not wikitext links:

      • This link does not work and this is expected. It doesn't work on Wikipedia, for example - see It is considered "an attempt to load a URL pointing to a "non-local" interwiki page". Wikia has a workaround to this, which is to drop the /wiki/ section (this is meant to be bad - Wikia should never have a URL link that automatically redirects to an external link).
      • Marvel is a local interwiki page, hence it works.
      • Fixed now - it works now.
      • {{canonicalurl: w:c:transformers-legends}}: From above, fixed now - it works now.
      • {{canonicalurl: w:w:c:transformers-legends}}: Still works.
      • This one is beyond admin control. There is a workaround to this, whichi is to drop the /wiki/ section, e.g.
      • This one is beyond admin control. There is a workaround to this, whichi is to drop the /wiki/ section, e.g.
      • This is a strange one, since I don't understand why you'd link to marveldatabase on marvel or w: on community, but again it is beyond admin control and can be worked around by dropping the /wiki/.
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      1. I see. Thanks both of you for the information.
      2. Noreplyz, I had no idea that link test page existed. I'll have to keep it in mind next time.
      3. How did you make the fixes? I probably should have mentioned this in my original post but I am seeing these "problems" on multiple wikis, not just here on CC.
      4. I wasn't aware that CC has its own special link stuff going on. Perhaps that is why "wp" didn't (and still doesn't) work when I tried it on another wiki. When I posted, I hadn't actually tried it here on CC. I just tried it on another wiki, saw it didn't work, saw it wasn't listed in CC's interwiki map, and assumed it wasn't working here.
      5. Regarding the external sites, I guess I see the logic. Nonetheless, I swear it used to work. As you said, it must have been something they changed with the security changes.
      6. Just to clarify in case there is/was confusion, the "w:w:" with canonicalurl is not something I am claiming stopped working. What I said was that you have to use it because the single "w:" wasn't working. Of course, you have fixed the URL issue which has in turn fixed this issue with canonicalurl for CC.
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    • I applied some changes to the interwiki map for CC, one of the changes was making the c: link a local one rather than global. I think a lot of the redirects go through now, rather than www - so some 'fixes' can apply to more than just CC but to others that rely on CC for interwiki links - like w: (though I don't know if that applies anymore, they changed w:c: recently too).

      You are right - wp: doesn't work because each wiki has its own interwiki map and CC happens to have it. Is the interwiki map you're talking about from the API? That one hasn't been updated for years and only shows very early ones, not the current ones.

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    • Yes, I was using the API interwiki map. Which one is used now? Is it the same situation for other wikis as well? Can admins edit their own interwiki maps or is that still something only staff can do? The issue with "c:" is that it gets interpreted as part of the page name (I guess because it isn't in the default interwiki map). For example, if I am on the Transformers Legends Wiki and use [[c:tea]], it thinks I want to go to page "C:tea" on the local wiki rather than link to Fandyllic's awesome wiki about tea.

      So what I am hearing is that they have been making changes and not announcing them. And yes, I have noticed the CC is being used for a lot of replacement of what used to be at www. Although, even then, it seems like not every feature has an equivalent here.

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    • I don't think [[c:tea]] has ever worked on non-CC wikis - I've always used [[w:c:tea]].

      The interwiki map is no longer publicly shown anywhere for any wiki.

      Andrewds1021 wrote: So what I am hearing is that they have been making changes and not announcing them.

      No - it is an unintended consequence of www changes with fixes applied. I don't think there's been any intentional change that could have been announced, other than fixes that were announced in this thread: Thread:1631424.

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    • I am pretty sure it used to but whatever. It doesn't work now that that is the relevant part I guess. That is a bit inconvenient that you can't even view the map. On a related note, if the API version isn't being used, why does it get updated? I noticed a decent amount of the entries have been updated to (not just here on CC but other wikis too). Seems pointless if it isn't being used anyways.

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    • Okay, just for anyone who might come accross this later. The reason I focused on canonicalurl is because it use to enable you to successfully use a query string. However, since the URLs it produces are no longer valid with regards to the intended purpose, there isn't much use for it at this point as far as I can tell.

      I did some testing of fullurl because it has been a while since I have used it and I forgot exactly what the output is. For internal links, it acts the same as canonicalurl and can be used to include a query string. For interwiki links, it acts similar to the actual interwiki syntax. The only difference is that in-farm interwiki links use a protocol relative path so they are simply displayed as text. However, the external link syntax can be combined with fullurl to turn them into working links. Still can't use a query string though.

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