• Hi, I saw this a long while ago somewhere but can’t find it again but I thought it was a really cool idea. The idea was that there would be a single image, and the image would have a few rectangles inside featuring various characters, and using some sort technique or coding? you could have each rectangle be a clickable link. I already know how to make smaller clickable images ontop of a larger picture (like I had the YouTube channel picture on the Cybersix Wiki), but I’m not talking about that kind of clickable image.

    The closest thing I can think of right now is the RWBY Wiki, on their Main Page they have something similar, but theirs is actually several seperate images and I think that’d be too complicated for me. But the idea is the same.

    I would like to have this in place of a silder since I read on Fish Tank’s blog that sliders and slideshows don’t really add much to the reader’s experience.

    I also found that I had this website bookmarked, it splits an image so that different parts of the image is clickable, will this work on Fandom?

    So is it possible to make a single image into several clickable parts that’ll link to different articles? And how would I do it?

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