• Hello,

    I am the founder of the GeoFS Wiki, which been vandalized on an off this year by some person or group of person commonly know as "Privat." He has made a "Resistance Wiki" which basically insults everyone and is his (or their) personal cyberbullying website. However, since he uses a VPN to make thousands of accounts (literally) I can't find the wiki. I have gone through this four times already, with each wiki being reported and taken down a bit later. However, I can't find this next one that other people have found.

    Is there a way to search all existing wikis using expected content within a wiki? (i.e. the terms GeoFS, Resistance, etc)

    Thank you.

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    • I'm not certain all the Tools that FANDOM Staff has at their disposal, but One I do know is they can see ALL activity of any given username. So contact Fandom Staff and provide them username links to review.

      Of course, for vandalism as it is happening, contact VSTF.

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    • Tons of wikis will have pages on "Resistance". You can always just google "GeoFS", but it's very useless as it would give all your wiki's pages in the search results. If you just use the search wiki function, you'll only get wikis with "GeoFS" in the title. Also not ideal.

      Staff might know more, so use Special:Contact. Maybe they can look for certain pagenames.

      I know this might not be the ideal solution you want to hear, but have you tried to ignore him? It's hard, but revert, block, ignore is still the golden rule for dealing with vandals. Don't let it get to you, they like that.

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    • Well, Its not only the vandalizing problem. He is just everywhere and heĀ  uses VPNS to create literally thousands of accounts. In GeoFS (the game) I blocked hundreds, and in the wiki I've blocked more than thirty. I wish it wasn't my problem, but I can't convince the other contributors (since we are all teens we can't reason properly) that I don't want to deal with it. I just wish i could find enough info about him to get him arrested for cyberbullying, which i'm sure is a crime anywhere in the world.

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    • In any case, you'd best voice your concerns at Special:Contact.

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    • I have. They just said ignore the vandals and block them. BUT THAT DOESN'T WORK WITH THIS GUY

      It's almost like he spends all day doing this.

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    • Block Revert Ignore has been the standard for ages. So it's normal that it's their first response. Have you explained that that's not feasible, and you would like to learn more proactive means?

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    • I actually just learned he made his knew site on Wix so i will never find it. Oh well.

      Thanks for trying to help though!

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