• Hello MisterWoodhouse, for the editor rewards there is some very good news, only gone and found the perfect person whose editing should be recognised, with prizes too! 

    User:DragonKestrel has a sustained track record of just making wikis nicer both in terms of being a wonderful presence on a wiki in helping other users and in the sheer scope of outstanding edits. The Banana Fish Wiki is just one example to view the effort with adding images and episode write-ups to detail the wiki, to name just two significant areas. When the anime was airing the Banana Fish’s expansion largely came down to DragonKestrels’ dedication to the wiki.

    Similarly, and applicable for September where the first editors are to be selected, DragonKestrel's contributions are (as if they could be) even greater in expanding the Given Wiki. Have never seen such a swift reaction to detailing episode summaries (one example by all means check them all out!) so they are available for readers as soon as possible, literally within the day and very impressive total coverage present in them as well. I mean it’s like DragonKestrel can scan the episode and blink it onto the wiki in text, quite the handy thing to be able to do! No corners are cut either the summaries have complete details opted for.

    This is extended (DragonKestrel must clone themselves to do it all, and so well) to story sections for the characters to show experiences from their point of view, with image illustrations to break up the text and provide reminders for viewers on which snenarios occur where.

    It also applies for images, going the extra several miles and beyond in giving each image a descriptive name to provide context for a scene (and far better than random number names) and in galleries that also have added descriptions. As well as showing the effort, galleries can secure the artistic merits of a scene, the character reactions to what is occurring around them complete with descriptions all underneath for a visual overview on events on the all covering encyclopeida the wiki is. In addition to written text it is one more means of relaying information, and the images are perfectly prepared to share across the articles where required and on user areas like blogs, message walls and Discussions as well.

    So truly factoring in everything, not really a case that people can feel DragonKestrel is, even at the very start, the editor of the month for the anime vertical (will nominate for TV/Movies as well since anime is on TV, “Other interests” too since it’s also manga, just in case technicalities factor into it - this to just to avoid “oh you are the best editor ever but the anime editor is closed for this month” or something) rather that DragonKestrel is the runaway winner hands down. In fact, editor of the year if we are being truthful and we must be honest.

    Delivering everything and more for episodes, image galleries and character stories to name but a few areas, and at such a level... Now of course we all know that naturally no rewards are ever needed when we contribute to wikis, certainly never expected. If a prize were required it is received in the opportunity of dedicating a whole site to a series to show everyone the best about it and at the same time support the site itself and make it lovely to be on. Further, to build a digital monument to a series that can stand indefinitely all for other people to enjoy. It is a selfless and noble act to generate information to help others, and cover everything on a series where losing information can be a concern, truly there is nothing better than fanning a sustainable passion like editing wikis.

    Seriously though have you seen DragonKestrel’s passion? Hurl a load of free stuff DragonKestrel’s way already! XD

    In all seriousness, DragonKestrel is an example to everyone on the best conduct to emulate if you want to make a wiki a nicer place to be on and have it detailed and expanded to such an extent information wise, and I hope DragonKestrel may be recognised for this.

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    • Thanks for the recommendation!

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    • Hi there, since there was the update blog felt it was good to concisely share the following since it turns out DragonKestrel is actually ticking even more boxes than what was thought.

      Maintaining the multiple large edits to improve pages, within the day of episode airings as well, is impressive in it's own right yet DragonKestrel is also an excellent support system to the wiki communities. Being friendly, engaging and having a willingness to help empower others to become more accomplished editors to being admin really does count for a lot on a wiki.

      The huge improvement to pages and being an excellent presence across multiple wikis aside, saw the example of the inaugural editor of the year on the blog post. DragonKestrel not only maintains but expands on fantastic additions and now has an own bot to help sites which sounds exactly like what is needed to win this competition where technicalities are concerned.

      Soon DragonKestrel (we are awaiting until the dust has settled from the anime airing) will be able to have Kest-Bot use it’s mass editing capabilities to add the wikis impressive number of images to their own categories, and then also attach the licensing templates to them. That is certainly of benefit to many sites but the even larger way it can help is to use JWB (the JS version of AWB) to correct an entire wiki’s spelling and grammar. To me this certainly sounds like a huge improvement to be used across any wiki that needs it, and also can save staff the time since DragonKestrel is going above and beyond with the sheer scale of help and improvements that can be provided for a wiki.

      Just feel strongly that this editor is one to be recognised having witnessed all the very hard work carried out. That and where the contest is concerned only fair to bring to light that there is actually quite a lot being brought to the table.

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    • A FANDOM user
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