• So, I know that to change my FANDOM username I must go to and that you only have 1 username change possible, and I haven't changed my name (If my FANDOM name is no longer InsetGaming, then I must have figured out the following problem), but to change my username using that site, I┬ámust type my password, and I typed in my Google password, as I am signed with Google, and it stated that it was the incorrect password (And I know it isn't, trust me). If I am signed in with Google, am I unable to change my username? Is this a bug? Is there a way to fix it or do it correctly?


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    • I've fixedd it myself lol:


      1.) Sign out of account

      2.) Don't sign back in with google, instead click the forgot password

      3.) Type your username, then your new password, which is now a FANDOM specific password

      4.) Type that password in password box on the change username page

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    • A FANDOM user
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