• I didn't find a simple way to find new Control wiki from main page of the project. This article doesn't give an answer, and it is obviously outdated since there is some "Advanced search" recommendations, that lead us to some non-existent "Advanced" button and "Advanced Search Oprions" box.

    When I try to find the Control wiki, I can find a tonn of News (who needs that?) and a couple of wikies that have nothing to do with word "Control". WTF?

    More than that, in my particular case (I have russian IP), I can't use search at all: when I loged in, I see weird big button with some russian text on top of the main page (despite the fact I have changed user interface language to english in my account settings) and I see the search icon to the right of it. When I click on that icon, type some text in "Search" field and press Enter, nothing happens: it's just reloading the main page, with no ANY search results or any changes to the view of this page. Tested in all browsers. Help

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    • You're talking about the the Russian Control Wiki? As you say, it's very new (less than a day old) so don't expect it to appear in the FANDOM search engine or even the Google search engine until your wiki grows with more pages and information. The search feature on FANDOM is currently being updated and fixed but you won't see the Russian Control Wiki for a few days (and you'll need to grow it quite a lot).

      As for when you're searching and it continues to reload the main page, you'll need to submit a bug report about that (I'm not repeating it). The search help page needs updating, as do quite a few of the help pages (for example Help:Discussions).

      As for the weird big button with Russian text, I'm not sure exactly what this is. If you mean the global navigation bar (this thing) then have you tried this? It might be that you are seeing a site announcement (in which case, it might appear in Russian as it's a Russian community).

      I reccommend you send in a report to staff (you can do so in Russian, if you like) where they can help you out more. For us to help you out, you'll need to explain your problems a bit more and perhaps provide a few screenshots. :)

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    • Thanks for detailed response! I'm glad here are people around who is ready to help novice.

      I can't provide you screenshots since upload feature doesn't work for me (tried different browsers and cache erasing) so I'll provide you a videos.

      Let's start with upload feature I have just mentioned: click (youtube)

      About my attempts to find Control wiki: No, I'm not trying to find russian via search options, I'm trying to find existing, original english Control wiki that was created about a year ago. And it doesn't seem to be working. Here's what is happening: click

      Process is the same for both Mozilla and Chrome. Cache cleared.

      When I started recording this process in IE browser to prove I've tried ALL different browsers, I found out that it is actually working in IE. It is very surprisingly, why developers did things properly for browser with market share about 1% and ****ed up most popular browsers - Chrome, Firefox, and Safari?

      Ok, let's get back to search. Look at the process in IE: click

      You can actually find Control wiki on FIFTH page, which is quite ridiculous, since you have 100% name match and there is NO any possibility to activate "name matching" in search options (because there is no search options).

      Once again, let's get back to weird russian text.

      As you can see on that videos, here are russian words all around, either I logged in or out, and you should consider that I changed language to english in my settings (for the case I logged in) and when I logged out, I am visiting only, not .com/ru or something.

      IE shows language almost correctly: only English on, and pretty much russian on

      But here is Chrome and Firefox: click

      By the way, how do I switch between and I did it once for an accident, but can't repeat it, since I can't see any option to change language on main page.

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    • Sorry, I forgot! You can only upload images if your account is over 4 days old and you have made at least 10 edits on the site (any wikis) - the status is called autocomfirmed and if you only created your account today/yesterday you won't be able to upload images for a while.

      For the search feature, I see now (I thought you were using Special:Search). I'm not sure entirely what is happening there (perhaps that other wiki has something to do with control?) but if you search 'Control Wiki' it works fine. What I think is happening is that the Control Wiki is very small (just over 130 pages) whereas the others are much larger (4k+ pages) which means those wikis are more popular and so they will appear higher in search rankings. Search is something staff are working on but, until the Control Wiki gains in popularity with more users and pages, it probably won't feature when you search for 'control'.

      As for the weird Russian text - my settings are in French and I'm getting the same problem when I go to explore after setting my preferences to English (obviously, the text is in French not Russian). I have a theory about this, did you sign up for your account in Russian? (did you have to switch your settings into English later?) Because it might be that it takes a day or more to go back to English after being in another language - but I'm not sure. The best thing to do is add ?uselang=en onto the end of your URL.

      You can't change your language on the main page. I beleive you can get to the Russian explore tab by clicking the 'explore wikis' tab under the 'wikis' tab when your settings are in Russian, however, clicking explore from the main page will take you to the English one.

      Thanks a lot for the videos you've provided! It helped me a lot seeing what's gone wrong!

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