• Let’s say I blocked a user indefinitely for three strikes on The Sims Wiki (I’m not an admin over there but I’m giving an example) but can I also apply the block over to Battlefield Wiki? They’re both games made under the same company.

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    • Of course because can be extremely annoying.

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    • You can; as an admin you can block people for any reason. Including no reason. I would advise you don't, though. If the person is inactive on the other wiki, it seems petty. If they are, but have not had their three strikes, that seems unfair. Three strikes isn't a set universal rule, but if you use it, you've got to use it consistently. If you just want to prevent drama, that's easy enough to stifle once it starts.

      I've blocked people that I later had to block on other wikis. I've blocked people that worked fine on other wikis.

      If you can justify it to yourself, block them. If you can't... don't. Or do. In the end, it's your call.

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    • As Tupka said, you can block anyone for no reason or for a reason. 

      It also depends on what is your interpretation of the word "strike". 

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    • > Are you allowed to block someone for causing trouble in another Wiki?

      It depends. It is considered harassment to block someone on a wiki they have not used. It is only if you have a very good cause, the block will apply.

      It is a common misconception that admins can block for any or no reason. The admins still have to follow the Terms of Use if they are to block.

      It is best to be careful and to ask Fandom Staff for advice before setting things in stone.

      Hope this helps.

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