• Hi there, it me again and i'm trying to get this table to fit between the infobox and on the left margin but it gets all big and well fits underneath it, helperoni?

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    • Hey again! The table's a bit big which means adding a width parameter doesn't work. However, there are two options that I can see:

      1. It looks best if you remove the hometown section (this is something better suited to the actual pages of the contestant) as it fits next to the infobox then without the text being cramped together.
      2. You can make the font a bit smaller (and keep the hometown section), I tried 80%, and it worked then - simply change the first line of the template to:
      {| class="wikitable" style="text-align: center; font-size: 80%;"

      Let me know if there are any problems!

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    • Wow, didn't know that a table can be TOO big lol, thank you again!!

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