• How do you code for your font to be css coded on message walls?

    So it can be like this

    I wanna know if I can code it into the css so I don’t have to repeat the code over, and over. Thanks :)

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    • Do you want the font and colour exactly like the one on the wiki in the screenshot or are you asking so you can use your own font and colour? Either way, please provide a link to the wiki you've screenshot so I can take a look at the MediaWiki pages. Thanks!

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    • I assume you are looking at this wiki after taking a look through the global userpages of the user you've included in the screenshot. :P

      Both of the following snippets of code you'll want to add to MediaWiki:Wikia.css on your wiki. This is the code for the font and colour you'll want for the Message Wall (I've replaced it with your username so you can copy and paste it directly onto your wiki):

          /*Username Tag*/
      .Wall .edited-by a.subtle[href$="Wall:Minniefanlover "]:after {
          color: #9933CC;
          content: "[I make too many OCs]";
          font-size: 15px;

      for the main userpage (should you want it), use this:

      /*Minniefanlover */
          /*Username Colour*/
      a[href$="/Minniefanlover"] {
          color: #9933CC;
          font-family: Lobster;
          font-size: 15px; 

      Feel free to change the colour/font/font size/font weight if you want. :-)

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    • Asking if I can use my own font and colour

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    • You can only do this for wikis on which you are an admin. The reason is it requires you to modify the site's CSS. There is no way for you to do this accross all wikis. If you are looking to do this for particular wikis on which you are an admin, then NightSpeakers has already given you what you need to start.

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    • Oh ok. Thanks.

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    • "There is no way for you to do this accross all wikis."

      Depends on if you want to do it for everyone, or just yourself, because if you want to do it for just yourself you can use global.css.

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    • Oh ok

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    • A FANDOM user
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