• I semi-recently started up a wiki called Game Collecting Wiki about collecting video games and things along the medium, I'm currently trying to up the page count to make the wiki more "welcoming" if that makes sense, so I'm asking if anyone wants to become a moderator/admin/rollback etc., if so, message me on Discord (IanTEB#9667), before messaging me please keep in mind that I want to see some of your best works on FANDOM, you need to be able to understand the basics and know deeply about rare games and collectors and some knowledge of non-rare video games is required to.

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    • The forums really aren't the place for this, try creating a blog to promote your wiki or take a look at this blog for help on how to promote your wiki.

      And like Tupka (I believe) said earlier, dangling admin rights like carrots on sticks to attract editors isn't the best way to get people involved in your community. You want editors who are passionate about the topic to come to your wiki - try talking to users from some video game wikis asking if they're interested in joining you and then, once they've worked on the wiki, you could promote them. :-)

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    • Okay thank you, I did actually specify that you need to have experience/passion for the subject and I don't want to feel like a tacky kid by posting on some other video game wiki's as I believe that would look desperate and annoying, I'm also not trying to "grow a community", I'm only trying to make a useful wiki for other's to look at.

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