• Hi,

    So, in short, I would like to display, on the Main page, the subscriber count of the YouTuber the wiki is about.

    I preferably would like it to only be text, that refreshes every manual refresh, not a fancy tool that refreshes automatically but destroys the page.

    Like, check the main page of the wiki, second line, it says "It has been made to honour the (around) 2 050 000 subscribers YouTuber" (I will soon change the word "subscribers" btw). I would like to know if it were possible to display the real number, live (with every manual refresh). One user told me a solution could be found through SocialBlade, maybe.


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    • It's possible, but requires knowledge of JavaScript to check number of subscribers.

      Note that YouTube is changing the way they show the number of subscribers starting from next week - see - which will mean that it is probably easier to just type out the number and manually update it.

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    • Doesn't involve me but that announcement sounds like a bunch of BS. From what I can tell, they neigther gave a decent reason nor a decent description of this "sliding scale" they are using. Sure, they give 3 examples but they are so spaced out. What about someone who has 13,678 or something like that? And their reasoning is that robotic "for uniformity/better looks" reply that Wikia used to/still gives us when they make changes. If it is really just for looks, why change what the API returns? Clearly, they believe there is value in knowing the exact number. No doubt they will want to leverage that for more money. I am willing to bet their next announcement will be that only partnered channels will get to see their exact counts.

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