• With editing text is there a way for the letters to be cropped out from the background, if it were done manually it would be challenging to get it exact so wondered if there were an automatic way.

    Would be nice if the Discord white symbol was in green (color code #2E8B57 ) and underneaththis logo with them both added onto a partially transparent image of this.

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    • What do you mean?

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    • What do you mean by cropping out the letters? Do you mean removing them so you just have the symbol left? For changing the color of the symbol, would you still want the purple around it?

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    • Removing all the white and just leaving the purple symbol (the inner white part changed to green) and letters. Then having this overlain on the transparent image underneath the wordmark. I think that might look really nice? It's just knowing how to make it.

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    • So something like this?

      Seraph of the End Wiki - Discord Image

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    • Yes, if the SotE logo could be under the upper characters faces on their chest areas, then the Discord logo (would you mind telling me how did you clip out the letters? and then add them over another image?) at the bottom of the image so that all the characters faces are visible, that would look excellent.

      Would it be better if the background image was partially transparent? Both logos are clear as it is so maybe not. Should the Discord purple be changed to green as well to match the SotE color?

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    • I just used Microsoft PowerPoint. I didn't even need a dedicated image processing sofware.

      All those design decisions are up to you. Just let me know what you want.

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    • Would you mind telling me how it was done in PowerPoint? I got kind of close:

      Discord logo
      For consistency purposes should the Discord text and square speech bubble be changed to the inner green of the Seraph of the End logo. With that the same color, rather than white the mask inside the speech bubble could be the Discord purple #7289DA
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    • Under "Picture Tools", there should be a tool called "Remove Background". That is how I made it transparent. I changed the color of the mask by making the mask transparent and then placing a colored square behind it. PowerPoint allows you to control the layer order so you can choose which objects are seen on top. Then you can put them into a single group. Lastly, save the group as an image.

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    • The letters make for good glasses for Mika the way they were positioned XD Mitsuba drew the short straw though.

      Thank you for the remove background point, thought one would have to manually use the cursor to draw around each letter, violently trembling whilst doing so to crop out the letters that way, which would be mad.
      Discord Image - Seraph of the End Wiki

      Does this look nice for a Discord image? (It has a white area underneath, how come?) Don't know whether to have the Discord word colored green or have it the same official Discord purple but it might look off purple and green together on a colored image.

      Also whether using the RGB sliders to add the color code or by using the color checker, it wasn't uploading the Seraph of the End green and there is such a fine line between amazingly stunning SotE green, and repulsive swamp goblin green. If the Discord word should be all green how could I have it the same as the wiki or it's wordmark? Should the Discord mask be filled in with purple or kept the way it is?

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    • It isn't white on the bottom, it is transparent. Removing the background color doesn't resize the image. The Discord image is much taller than the visible content. To fix that, crop the Discord image to reduce its height.

      I am not really one to be giving color coordination advice; sorry.

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    • Well hidden within plain sight, thanks for pointing out it was not removed, only made transparent as you say.

      With using this Gakuen Heaven logo as a wordmark is there a way for it, Powerpoint or otherwise to remove the background (keeping the wing shadow, the black outer line on Gakuen and white line around Heaven) and the different shades of blue to hair colors behind?

      Unrelated but would videos shared like this be able to visible on a page rather than be accessible through a link? Have to share the masterpieces around!

      Thank you for your help in this matter as well, again unrelated but quite good with using MassRename via JS now. If you have any wikis with a lot of images that have random numbers as the title, MassRename could give them consistent and legible names. It is an extended but overlapping process if images are renamed and also changed in source mode code (since a rename is a redirect, it changes the name when you click and view it which is nice but would still be the original random number name in source mode), and that involves using the JWB as well. So yes I can write out the process on how to use MassRename, and have it rename the source code as well if any parts of that are helpful for you!

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    • There was another user a month or so ago that wanted to do something similar. It is defniitely more complicated that getting rid of a single-color background but my gut tells me it should be doable. I am not entirely sure on the details of how to do it though.

      For sure, I know you can use the Video_embed_tool. If I recall correctly, there is/was also a youtube tag that could be used. However, I am having trouble finding information about it in the help pages. It may be deprecated. If so, Wikia may have removed the help page to prevent users from using it. From what I can tell, the instance sof use here on CC aren't working. So perhaps Wikia did remove the extension.

      Regarding MassRename, thanks? I am not entirely sure where this comment is coming from but I am in the process of renaming a bunch of images on the wiki I admin. Issue is I still need to go through and figure out what some of the images are.

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    • Was there a solution? With the staff design boards closed there has been nothing to fill the void so people are none the wiser on how to create wordmarks from examples like that, or other design areas. The wikis might melt eyes if they don't look good soon. How would I look into acquiring that wordmark?

      Similar to the video link, how are people supposed to enjoy videos if Fandom removes handy things?!

      Andrewds1021 wrote: Regarding MassRename, thanks? I am not entirely sure where this comment is coming from but I am in the process of renaming a bunch of images on the wiki I admin. Issue is I still need to go through and figure out what some of the images are.

      Haha, with the MassRename that's another area for your bot to cover: so far there has been MassCategorization for images, find and replace for areas like templates, then JWB for correcting spelling on a whole wiki now MassRename! Since you are so extremely helpful to me and clearly many others figured I'd be useful as well which I can be if JS bot things are good to know about (which they so are!)

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    • S3r0-Ph1i wrote: ...

      ... and the different shades of blue to hair colors behind?


      Could you clarify what you mean by this? I can see what I can do with the software and kowledge I have. As for the other user, I am not sure what became of it.

      I see. Well, thanks for the info then!

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    • Gakuen heaven logo example
      About how to remove the blue shades and brown colors around the green and yellow text, and having the powerpoint remove thing or something keep the wing shade and black and green lines around the text.
      Andrewds1021 wrote:
      I see. Well, thanks for the info then!
      I'll write it like a handy informative post it on your wall like before then! (This decided to be here)
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    • It took some fiddling around and it isn't "perfect", but how about this?

      Gakuen Heaven Wiki - Wordmark

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    • I don't know what to say, never would have expected neither would have wanted you to make the attempt considering what it takes to acquire it manually. I'm touched, even trying to draw the line near it is something, but that it has been done for each part and everything is as it should be, what can I say but thank you wholeheartedly for your time to create this.

      Did you want to post it to the Gakuen Heaven Wiki? Can't exactly say "hey check out this wordmark I made all by myself without any help from Andrewds1021" XD so with the sheer precise effort to make it you need full accreditation.

      Would you mind explaining the process? Like every wiki has a wordmark but there must be an easier way to acquire images like that to use them as wordmarks, yet until that time comes your method works ideally.

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    • Well, I believe the best way to upload it is via the Theme Designer; so an admin has to do it. If you really care about crediting the effort, I believe you can add a description to the file page afterwards. That said, I honestly don't care a whole lot whether I get credit for the modified image or not. Compared to some of the other things, this was fairly simple (although it did take some time).

      The process wasn't straight forward. I kind of had to try a few things and determine what worked. As such, the final process may not be the most efficient. However, I will descibe it in case you still care to know.

      1. Microsoft PowerPoint
        1. Crop to desired region
        2. Use "Remove Background" to remove hair and subtitle
        3. Resize to meet wordmark size limits
      2. Fiji, a particular distribution of ImageJ
        1. Separate into RGB component grayscale images
        2. Operations performed on the red component grayscale image:
        3. Use wand selection tool to remove large regions of background
          • Adjust value tolerance as needed to balance removing large portions and retaining key regions
        4. Touch-up pixel "removal" using the pencil tool
          • "removing" means setting value to white (255)
        5. Connect kept regions using pencil tool
          • Connect by drawing black lines (0)
        6. Select everything except kept regions and connectors using wand tool
        7. Use composite selection to add connectors to selection
        8. Use ROI manager to save selection information
        9. Operations performed on the RGB image:
        10. Transfer selection from red component image using ROI manager
        11. Fill with white (0xFFFFFF)
      3. Microsoft PowerPoint
        1. Use "Remove Background" to make background transparent
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    • Thank you very much for the wordmark! I know that I can count on someone like you for wordmarks!

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    • A FANDOM user
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