• Hello. I am a new contributor who is looking forward to the release of "The Outer Worlds." I look forward to uncovering and fact-checking all kinds of facts about the game and use the info to build up the Wiki for it. Naturally, the wiki will be empty until the game actually releases to the public. So, the problem is this: How do you handle the confusing and hectic time when a game first launches? What do I do when pages pop up at a rate approaching the speed of light? What do I do when I am working on a page that 20 other eager users are trying to update at the same time (since we all may discover something important on launch day)?

    Any experienced guidance or anything else will be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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    • That will probably never happen.

      But as for advice, edit sections instead of the full page.

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    • How many active users are there now? Unless this is an A-1 title, the likelihood of hectic is low.

      Hectic is good, because it means there are many contributors. You just need to reach out to them politely and give them guidelines. Since you have time before game launch, you should work on creating policy and guideline pages, a manual of style, and work on templates for people to use.

      You can see info on the many parts of your wiki to work on at my blog, Attracting users to a wiki and things to make it grow.

      Do you have a link to this alleged wiki?

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    • Set up of a wiki can help pass time. I find setting up, organizing, making a manual of style, creating helpful temples, designing, etc. a lot of rewarding work. Heck, I joined a wiki on a game I never played just to help with design, page layouts, templates, etc. they were very grateful since they had limited wiki design knowledge.

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    • On our site (Flipline Studios Wikia), edits are pretty much kept to spell/grammar checks, the usual addition of pictures, and whatever random projects the community feels can be used on the articles. However, when a new game is announced or goes live, that's when the flurry of activity happens. The next game was announced last week, and we have editors chomping at the bit to add whatever information they can to the game page.

      It winds up being what I call and "editng frenzy," where 15 to 20 people could be rushing to create an article or edit existing pages. It makes for exitement. What we've done with recent games is suggest roles. One group can focus on customers, one group on ingredients (lots of food games on this site), another focus can be on images...whateverf. It's not a, "you do this, and you guys do that." It is all based on a suggestion and people will volunteer to get info on a specific topic and focus on that.

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