• So I started a page called Mr. Atheist for the YouTube fandom wikia the other night. I went back to the page that I found and saw it was flagged for deletion because it didn't have the little box on the righthand side with all the information, so I looked for a template, put the info in, hit save, and it didn't work. So then I went to delete the template and try again. After I hit "save" because I constantly save my work like that, it said that my account and IP were locked from editing due to "excessive content removal" when all I wanted to do was try a different template and see if I could get it to work before the page was deleted because I worked pretty hard on it. Instead, I was given an indefinite ban on all editing any wikia, including my own due to "page blanking", when I, the founder, was trying to clean stuff up. Any help would be great.

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    • On that wikia, you are *not* an "admin founder", which are specific labels for users with Advanced Rights on wikis. There, you are just a User.

      You were blocked by the Abuse Filter, which is a preprogrammed automated bot. If I had to guess, you triggered it by removing 2400+ and two instances of 1300+ characters from pages. Typically, that many removed characters are done by vandals and the AF treated as one.

      Find EpicNinjaDude37's wall and leave him a *civil* and polite message requesting human review of your block.

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    • Abuse Filter blocked you, which is a program (Or bot if you prefer, but it's technically not a bot) that blocks you if it easily detects vandalism in your edits.

      There is a major difference between Good-Faith Edits and you're gay lol edits. Abuse Filter knows when you attempted to vandalize an article, and if it does determine you're a vandal, in my Wiki, it blocks you indefinitely.  

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