• Hello, I am an admin at and I need your help!

    I was wondering if any of you can help switch this wiki's community from "Books" to "Lifestyle", Being that this sort of thing is beyond my capabilities...We are a wiki, similar to the creepypasta wiki, which is a Lifestyle community by the way. 

    Thanks in advance

    -Perturbed Maverck

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    • In addition to this, is there a way for any of you to change the name of the wiki? I would like to be called the "Scare-Factor Wiki". 

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    • "Books", "Games", "Lifestyle", etc. is what Wikia refers to as verticals. To discuss changing the vertical of your wiki, contact staff using this form. The process for changing the "name" of the wiki depends on what you are specifically referring to. If you want to change the sitename and/or the URL that users visit, you must make the request directly to staff using the same form I linked to before. If you simply want to change what appears in the navigation bar with above all the menus, see this page.

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