• This sounds like I'm entitled to special rights so I hope it isn't like that, please here me out.

    So our active Bureaucrat, User:FourSevensRiolu if that matters, recently decided to retire. So me and the other mods have talked about it and agreed that I would be promoted to Bureaucrat.

    We have another Bureaucrat on our wiki, and she used to be really involved in the community when we first joined, but now she kind of left. She will still respond to messages, but she rarely starts a conversation or edits anymore.

    Back when I was chat mod, she adopted the wiki and was going to promote me and User:FourSevensRiolu. But even though we reminded her and she said she would several times, she didn't promote us until I ended up leaving a message using this thread as reference. "Talk to the bureaucrat: Leave them a message and let them know what you think they should do differently, and why (be nice about it)."

    So now I feel like I'm in the same situation, and I think she might not promote me again. This time I kinda don't want to annoy her (and me XD) again by asking several times. Another admin also reminded her again and she replied that she would but that still didn't happen. Should I just contact Fandom Staff and file an adoption request?

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    • Hi Glaciersong, I think the best way, if all admins and bureaucrats are inactive, is to contact Fandom Staff letting them know you are an admin/mod and provide a link to the other mods agreeing for your promotion (this agreement should be done in a thread like a Discussions post or a blog). It's best to leave this up for about a week before requesting.

      That way, Staff know that the community support promoting you as a bureaucrat.

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    • But they’re not really inactive, they’re just saying that they’re going to promote me and not doing so multiple times.

      (This is Glaciersong in another device.)

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    • I’ll get the mods to agree on one post though, that’s a good step forward. And I guess the best thing is probably to get in touch with Fandom at the moment.

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    • The only way you can get the Bureaucratic rights is by contacting Fandom here, if all other staff members are inactive.

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    • For the actual Rights, you will be asked to open an Adoption:Requests, where you willprovide the "Additional Information" of requesting the additional rights and providing links to the Approval discussion thread.

      That is the method in place for gaining additional Rights on a wiki which has no active 'crat.

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