• I would link it, but I can’t because it is so badly corrupted, so you can either use the link on ‘my favourite wikis’ or search it on the internet.

    On The Worst Witch wiki, 2 vandals who are obviously the same person have come to the wiki and completely corrupted it. They have edited the page ‘Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches’ and added 300,000+ characters, therefore destroying the page and the size of the page disallows me from using the wiki. I just about managed to see the amount of characters before the internet crashed and froze. I managed to get back on to the wiki, where I noticed a vandalised with a different username (but still a gibberish username) had posted on my talk page. When I tried to get on to my talk page, it was simply a black box. The internet then crashed again. This has spread to many pages on the wiki and other pages are now black boxes.

    I have tried using the wiki on other devices, but they all crash and freeze. I can’t undo the edits for this reason. If anyone can access the wiki and undo the edits, please can this be done?!

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