• Hello.

    I'm admin of 12-forever wiki which was created in 2016 and was dormant till recently, due to the show finally being released now. I didn't think about changing URL to proper "twelve-forever" at first, but recently I noticed that a duplicate was created in 2018, and it sill remains inactive/unpopular - the theme and content are just same. I've checked its sole admin's contributions and she haven't made new edits since March 2018, so far only couple of users and anons did something. Although on her another wiki last edits were made in May this year. I left a message on the wall, but couldn't find other ways to contact her.

    The question is (even if admin will show up soon) - how the merging will be performed? Trough deletion of inactive wiki? Because I still plan to change URL of mine (from "12" to "twelve").

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    • Read this first, Help:Merging communities, then ask any questions which remain.

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    • I've read that, thanks. I'm not asking to merge, I'm asking if this case counts as such, because the only valuable thing inactive wiki has is URL.

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    • If all you want from a donor wiki is their URL, then contact Fandom Staff about it. They can close the donor and redirect the url to the recipient wiki.

      Have you contacted the few active users to let them know your intentions?

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    • A FANDOM user
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