• Hi, I need help with 2 abusefilters, "Stop users editing other user page" (warn, disallow, tag) and "Prevent use of blocked category" (warn, disallow, tag) in Ms. Akari Mitsu Wiki

    Note: My wiki goes to AbuseFilter but it says "no such special page".

    Inspiration: Scratchpad's AbuseFilter 4 and Scratchpad's AbuseFilter 12

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    • I don't see AbuseFilter has been enabled in that wiki. contact Fandom Staff to request it enabled and provide a good reason and valid justification of why you would like that to be enabled, since this is a restricted extension.

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    • Anyway, the condition of preventing users editing other people's userpage (except admin)

      (!( "sysop" in user_groups )) & article_namespace == 2 & action="edit" & article_text != user_name & strpos(article_text, user_name + "/") != 0

      To prevent someone adding a certain category, it's this:

      added_lines irlike "\[\[\s*category\s*:\s*nameyourcategory\s*\]\]"

      Let's say that you don't want someone adding a category name of Test. Then, the condition would be this:

      added_lines irlike "\[\[\s*category\s*:\s*test\s*\]\]"
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    • I'm sorry for removing my thread, but I did contact FANDOM.

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    • A FANDOM user
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