• I am very admittably aggressive and I hate myself.

    Don't pity me, and I just want to know how I can stop being a cyber bully. I really hate it when people disagree with me and I need help.

    I have a swearing problem too, Agentparadox even told me to stop insulting others. I feel like I learned nothing from playing The Good Lord Toby Fox's two games. I should be much nicer, because that's what's right. :)

    Maybe you can give me some advice on the matter?

    P.S. You blocked me on the Deltarune Wiki, but I deserved it. It was much better than getting blocked a whole year (which Agentparadox did, but it's gone now).

    P.P.S. I don't hate Agentparadox, but I did considered sending him/them hate filled messages, but I can't it do anyway and that's wrong (I tried to though). I think that person is a swell individual. You seem like you must be nice too, because you're a staff member.

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    • You just don't want to talk do you? If you're still sleeping or just busy, then that's fine. I am most likely just being very impatient. Wait, no. I just looked up the time in Serbia and it's night time currently. You were already awake! Wait, is this a night job for you? I might have just researched incorrectly.

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    • Wait, maybe you're like Nikola Tesla? He didn't sleep very much, and he read and worked during the night. I like Nikola Tesla. Alternating Currents are way better than Direct Currents. :)

      Maybe I should research him more?

      P.S. I hope that didn't sound racist. I am never racist or sexist!

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    • Fandom does not send notifications for messages sent by anonymous users on Message Walls, I would have missed this thread if TortoiseCat5 didn't mention it to me.

      I am unfortunately not the right kind of person to answer your question, so the only thing I can suggest is to, before hitting the Send button, think about how will your words affect others, what did the person you're replying to think about and why they could have thought that and whether it's worth entering a debate over something. It's a response you probably heard many times, but it's something that helped me avoid needless arguments in the past.

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    • Oh...... Sorry. That does make sense and I may have heard it before, but I had forgotten. I am glad you replied though, and didn't say I couldn't walk on the Earth. I like this advice, but unfortunately I forget these things a lot. It was nice hearing from you, and I am glad that someone told me that again. :)

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    • I will do well to remember that and will try. :)

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    • We have a lot of angels falling from grace. Just try to be a more modest person. Try think of the positives in a difficult situation. It's not always a good idea to be confrontational and acting the big man.

      We're all human regardless of how we act online, no one's life is worth more or less than anyone else.

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    • Wow...

      That is some great words.

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    • A FANDOM user
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