• at 3:07 am today i got blocked on beyond universe wiki by wiki user lordaspect with an expiry time of infinite. the reason he wrote in my block log was (Die.) i have no idea what lordaspect is talking about

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    • Read this first

      You can contact the blocker on his Central Wall. Once. Civilly.

      You can then contact Fandom Staff.

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    • lordaspect is not on this wiki so I can’t contact him here

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    • I contacted fandom

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    • Edwin sockpuppet wrote: lordaspect is not on this wiki so I can’t contact him here

      ALL users are on Central. A minimal user page only means they have not posted anything on Central. But you can still leave a message on their wall and they will be alerted to it. Now, if they opt to ignore it, that's another thing.

      (FWIW, this is true of every user and every wiki, but Central Walls are the only accepted method to address blocks)

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    • But when I searched user:lord Aspect on this wiki no results came up

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    • Edit URLs. From his wiki user page, you can change the wikiname in the url (the part before ".fandom") to "community" and it will take you to his page.


      From anyone's user page, replace their username in url to "Lord Aspect" (ALL usernames start with a capital letter, if it looks like a small-L, it is likely a Cap-I).

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    • Everyone, don't allow sock unless special reason.

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    • Is that a sentence? It doesn't make any sense.

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    • Fandyllic wrote: Is that a sentence?

      Edwin "sockpuppet"

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    • Still doesn't make sense.

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    • Laclale wrote: Everyone, don't allow sock unless special reason.

      (Laclale, I expect you already know the following. This is for those who don't…)
      So if his username was "Eric Laser" is he expected to be projecting energy beams all the time?

      What's in a name?

      1. A "sockpuppet" was a real life real world item BEFORE the internet gave it a different connotation. In other words: Neutral
      2. There is nothing wrong with having more than one account on FANDOM. Even many of Staff have them. For example, as Bots. Or to have a personal experience when not "on duty". In other words: Good
      3. Some Users might want to be known by different names in different wikis, compartmentalizing aspects of their online life. In other words: Neutral
      4. Some wikis, especially ones devoted to Role-Plays, Sockpuppets are allowed, even encouraged. In other words: Good
      5. Any *negative* connotation to having a sockpuppet is when they are used for evading blocks, impersonations, or any other shenanigans involving unknown accounts when controlled by the same person. In other words: Bad
        1. This also includes getting another to speak or act for them, but that's known as *MEATpuppetry*

      Summation: Treat a user not so much by their username or account, but by their actions using that name or account.

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    • Edwin Shade sockpuppet... They probably don't like the drama, even you have a fake account.

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    • A FANDOM user
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