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    18:58, August 9, 2019

    Should I create another wiki, because if I do, what if I might want this wiki closed. I can't keep creating wikis and then closing them. Also, it's been five hours since I've posted the same message, but you haven't responded, so I decided to post the same message again.

    Notice: I am creating a wiki about a TV series from a different country.

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    • Go right ahead. I didn't respond because I haven't had the time to check my wall atm. Contact Fandom Staff at their wall if you want your wiki to be closed, instead (because you don't have an email, as you mentioned before)

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    • Also, I would like to keep threads on my wall (so that I want to see the history of my wall and message on my wall easily). However, I'll close this thread to prevent unwanted replies.

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