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    Yeah Hi I made an account just to complain about this. 

    Is there a way I can not have this big video take up half the screen when I'm scrolling?

    I feel like I've held my breath about it long enough. I don't want to watch a video when I enter a wiki. I browse wikis when I'm on the toilet, not really any other reason except in rare occations. In this specific scenario that drove me to make this post I was rewatching some old Clone wars episodes and after hearing some guys name I wanted to check if it was the same guy as in the Thrawn novel I read last week (it was), and this video blocked half the article so I could barely read anything. I know I can just press the X but I'm really lazy and the amount of times I've missclicked and started the video instead are inumerable. 

    Anyway the experience on your website would have been infinitely more enjoyable if the video just stayed at the top of the page. I've turned off autoplay on my mobile browser, and I thank a god I don't believe in for that to be an option, but I still do not want the video shoved in my face like this. 

    link to page(not that it matters it's on pretty much every page all over fandom and it's really annoying):

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