• I've decided quite recently that I'd like to include a Credits table featuring the Cast and Crew for each episode of the Wiki I'm working on. I found a very nice looking template over on the Doctor Who Wiki, with an example of it in action. The only problem is it's far too complex for my needs, with nested dependencies and reliance on Wiki .css, which is not something I need. All I would want is the ability to produce a bordered table with varying font sizes for different roles and different people in a manner that's easier to understand for someone like me.

    I cannot find a similar template in any other Wiki I frequent, so how exactly would I go about this? At its core I just need 3 components:

    • The border around the table itself
    • The bold role text (e.g. General production staff)
    • Multiple lists in the same horizontal space

    And that's it. The rest I could add/adjust to my liking.

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    • You could use a generic Table. In that case, the help page at MediaWiki could help.

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